Aluminum alloy air cylinder is mainly used to store compressed air.



Aluminum alloy air cylinder is mainly used to store compressed air, which can be used for braking or other gases. The air inlet of the wet air storage cylinder is directly connected with the air outlet of the compressor through a joint, which plays a good role in oil-water separation. Using the principle of sudden expansion of compressed air, oil and water are separated and stored at the bottom. The wet air tank is equipped with a valve to prevent the air pressure in the wet air tank from exceeding 833kPa when the pressure regulating device fails. The valve is composed of valve seat, steel ball, spring seat, spring, valve body, adjusting bolt and lock nut.

Once the air pressure in the wet air reservoir exceeds the pre-tension of the valve spring, the steel ball will be opened by compressed air and discharged along the exhaust hole, and the air pressure in the air reservoir will drop. However, we can adjust the limited air pressure value of the valve by adjusting the bolt. The air inlets of the front and rear air cylinders of the loop are directly connected with the wet air cylinders, their respective air outlets are connected through joints, and the air pipes are braked by the front and rear chambers of the double-cavity brake valve for the front and rear wheels.

There is a water drain switch under the air cylinder, which is convenient to drain oil and water, so as to keep the brake system running normally. The air inlet of the air reservoir is equipped with a check valve, which allows the air compressor to inflate the air reservoir, but the compressed air in the air reservoir cannot enter the air compressor, which will not affect the normal operation of air pressure.

Every part of a car has its own fixed function. Only by understanding the principle of these components can we better judge the problem. Large trucks can use gas in many places, from whistle to brake. If you only rely on the amount of gas pumped by the air compressor, it's not enough to use the air reservoir. Therefore, the air compressor pump can inflate the air reservoir in one direction for emergency.

The air contains a lot of dust and water molecules, as well as oil pumped in due to the failure of the air compressor. If you enter the gas path of the vehicle, it will easily damage the vehicle parts with the passage of time, causing certain hidden dangers to driving. Generally speaking, the air entering the air storage cylinder through the air compressor pump will stay for a short time. Because of the water molecules and dust in the air, the relative weight of oil is important to the air, so it is stored in the lower part of the air storage cylinder. At this point, the air storage cylinder plays a very good filtering role.

The external air is compressed by the suction air compressor, the volume becomes smaller, and a certain temperature is generated. When the temperature is high, the relative density will decrease, and the air volume stored in Anyang will be relatively small. Because the air carries moisture, it is not easy to precipitate due to the temperature problem, so it is necessary to cool the air in the automobile gas path. The cooling process is usually realized by spiral pipes and gas cylinders.

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